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Health Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

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Individual Health Insurance – FAQ

Do I need health insurance?
Health insurance provides you and your family affordable access to high-quality health care. Accidents and illness can happen without warning, and medical treatments can be expensive. Having health insurance means knowing many of your health expenses will be covered.
Is health insurance expensive?

Health insurance isn’t cheap, but it’s a bargain compared to the cost of a trip to the hospital. With our quoting tool located on, you can instantly get quotes to over 150 insurance plans, so it’s easy to find a plan that works for your budget.

Can my health insurance application be denied?

Because of ACA regulations, you can’t be denied based off of a pre-exisiting condition or any other discrimanatory factor. However, you are limited to being able to enroll only during open enrollment or if you qualify for a special enrollment period.

What health insurance companies can I choose from?

We offer every carrier in every country of Colorado. We want to make sure we give you all the options, but are likely to recommend some carriers over others with your best interest in mind. Our plan finder at will show you every single plan, on or off exchange, in your area.

What is a health plan network?

A health plan network consists of all the doctors, physicians, hospitals, clinics, and specialists that agree with an insurance company to charge discounted prices for their services in exchange for patient referrals.

Can a health insurance company terminate my individual health insurance policy?

An insurance company can only terminate your policy if you fail to pay your premium within the allowed grace period, you misrepresent your health history on your insurance application, or if an insurance company withdraws from the individual insurance business in your state.